Which Bookies Do Asian Handicap?

Many smart punters choose Asian Handicap lines as a great way to get better odds on their bets. But which bookies do Asian Handicap, and which is the best?

Asian Handicap lines often have a smaller profit margin for the bookmaker, so not all betting sites offer them. Let’s start by looking at a list of those that do. We’ll then explain how these bets work and how you can profit from them.

List Of Bookies That Offer Asian Handicap

Best Bookies For Asian Handicap Betting
Sport NationVisit

You can place your Asian Handicap bets at any of the bookies listed above. So if you’re trying to choose the best bookmaker to join, this may be something you need to consider. Furthermore, when you join any of these bookies, you can also claim their free bet.

What Are Asian Handicap Bets?

So now that you know which bookies do Asian Handicap, let’s take a closer look at how it works. It may seem a little complicated at first, but read this guide a couple of times and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

A handicap bet is a way of trying to even up a football betting market by giving one team a mythical head start. Your job is to choose the handicap you want to bet on, and then predict whether a team will beat it or not.

The best way to explain how Asian Handicaps work is by looking at an example. Below is a coupon at 32Red Sport for a match between Ivory Coast and Togo.

how do Asian Handicap bets work
An example of an Asian Handicap market at 32Red Sport

As you can see, there are a number of different lines on the coupon. Each line relates to a different handicap that you can apply to your bet. We’ll explain how each one works.

The 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 Goal Handicaps

For example, look at the line that says “Ivory Coast -2.5” and “Togo +2.5”. On this line you are giving Togo a 2.5 goal head start. Therefore your bet is whether or not you think Ivory Coast can make up this deficit or not.

So let’s say you bet on “Ivory Coast -2.5” at odds of 37/10.

  • Ivory Coast win the game by 3 goals or more – Your bet wins at 37/10.
  • Ivory Coast win by 2 goals or less – Your bet Loses.
  • The game is a draw or Togo win – Your bet Loses.

If you bet on the +/- 1.5 line, the same applies except Ivory Coast would only need to win by 2 goals or more. If you don’t think they can cover the handicap, you could bet on Togo + 2.5 goals instead. Because it is not possible for a team to score 0.5 of a goal, these bets cannot end in a tie.

The 1, 2 and 3 Goal Handicaps

You will see that on the example coupon above, there are also lines for Ivory Coast -3, Togo +3. These work in a similar way, but with one exception. Because the handicap is a round number of goals, it is possible for this bet to end in a tie. If it does, the bet is void and you get your money back.

So let’s say you bet on Ivory Coast -2 at odds of 14/5.

  • Ivory Coast win by 3 goals or more – Your bet wins at 14/5.
  • Ivory Coast win by 2 goals – Your stake is refunded.
  • Togo win, the game is a draw or Ivory Coast win by one – Your bet loses.

The .25 and .75 Goal Handicaps

So hopefully you understand how the half goal handicaps and full goal handicaps work, as described above. Most people find the quarter goal handicaps (those than end with .25 or .75) are slightly trickier to understand. The best way to remember is to bear in mind that 0.25 is half the difference between 0 and 0.5. And in fact that is exactly what happens. Your stake is split equally between the 0 and 0.5 bets.

Therefore on the example coupon above, if you bet £10 on “Ivory Coast -1.75” you are in fact putting £5 on “Ivory Coast -2” and the other £5 on “Ivory Coast -1.5”. So here’s what would happen:

  • Ivory Coast win by 3 goals or more – Your bet wins at 37/20.
  • Ivory Coast win by 2 goals – Half of your bet wins, the other half is refunded.
  • Togo win, the game is a draw or Ivory Coast win by one – Your bet loses.

Now Try It For Yourself…

So now you know which bookies do Asian Handicap. You also know how it works, and you have this guide to refer back to if you ever get stuck. Now all that’s left is to give it a try for yourself! Click the button below to access the huge range of Asian Handicap markets at Bet365. Or scroll back up the page to choose one of the other bookies listed.

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We hope you’ll enjoy this exciting and profitable way to bet on football.

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