How To Play ITV7

ITV7 is a free-to-play game by ITV and Sky Bet where players have the chance to win huge prizes of £50,000+. It’s a simple game to play and will appeal to horse racing enthusiasts as well as anyone else who wants to be in with a risk-free chance of winning cash prizes.

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What Is ITV 7?

To play the ITV7 competition, you simply need to select 7 horses which you believe will win the 7 selected races on any given day the competition is running. If you correctly predict all 7 winners, you share the prize pool equally with any other winners.

The game works similar to Sky Bet’s Super 6 except that the ITV seven competition is focussed around horse racing rather than football and the competition also runs more frequently whereas Super 6 is usually available on a weekly basis.

How To Enter ITV 7

To enter ITV 7, you need an account with either Sky Bet, Sky Games, Super 6, Fantasy Football or Sporting Life Pick 7 account. All of those accounts are connected so if you have just one, you can access all of the others. You can also register an account directly via the ITV7 website.

Once registered, log into your account and simply select a horse from each of the 7 races.

Once you have selected your horses, click on the ‘Submit Entry’ button and your picks will be confirmed.

After this, there is nothing left for you to do other than check the results after all races have finished. You will be contacted if you win a prize.

ITV7 App

The ITV7 competition is also available through the ITV 7 App which is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the app stores.

Using the ITV7 App, you’re able to:

  • Log into your ITV 7 account
  • Make & submit your selections
  • Check the live results
  • Monitor the live leaderboards
  • Set up private leagues and challenge your friends
itv7 app enter
itv7 app results
itv7 app leaderboards
itv7 app challenge friends

The ITV7 app is a great tool which allows you to play the free horse racing game wherever you are using your mobile phone or tablet. The live results provide quick access to see whether your selections have won and being able to challenge friends adds even more fun to the competition.

ITV7 Competition FAQ

Do I need a Sky Bet account to enter ITV 7?

You’ll need an account with Sky Bet, Sky Casino, Sky Vegas or one of the other Sky products. If you have played Super 6 before, you will have had a Sky account created for you and so you can also use these details to log into ITV7 and play.

Does it cost to play ITV7?

No! ITV 7 is 100% free to play every time.

What are the ITV Seven Prizes?

ITV Seven prizes vary with jackpot prizes being available during special events throughout the year. During these major racing events, the jackpot prize is £50,000 per day and will be rolled over to the next day if no one predicts all seven winners correctly.

Some festivals such as Royal Ascot last for 5 days and with a £50,000 prize pool available on each day throughout the festival, should no one win, the final day could see a prize pool of £250,000!

What happens if no one wins ITV 7?

As mentioned, if there is a jackpot prize, it will roll onto the next day should no one win it.

Also, should no one win the jackpot, there is a consolation prize for the top entrant of £1,000 for broadcast competitions and £100 for non-broadcast competitions. The top entrant is decided based on the number of wins and places their selections achieved.

Below shows show performances are ranked.

  • 6 wins, 1 placed
  • 6 wins, 0 placed, 1 unplaced
  • 5 wins, 2 placed
  • 5 wins, 1 placed, 1 unplaced
  • 5 wins, 0 placed, 2 unplaced
  • 4 wins, 3 placed
  • 4 wins, 2 placed, 1 unplaced
  • 4 wins, 1 placed, 2 unplaced
  • 4 wins, 0 placed, 3 unplaced
  • 3 wins, 4 placed
  • 3 wins, 3 placed, 1 unplaced
  • 3 wins, 2 placed, 2 unplaced
  • 3 wins, 1 placed, 3 unplaced
  • 3 wins, 0 placed, 4 unplaced

Consolation prizes will not be split should there be two winners with the same performance ratings. Instead, the prize will be awarded to the entrant who submitted their entry first.

What happens if an ITV7 race is abandoned?

If a race which is one of the seven ITV7 races is abandoned, voided or postponed, the competition will continue to run based on the remaining six races with the prize pool being reduced accordingly as shown below.

  • 6 ITV7 races take place: Jackpot of £5,000
  • 5 ITV7 races take place: Jackpot of £1,000
  • 4 or fewer ITV7 races take place: The competition is cancelled on that day

What happens if there is a dead heat in an ITV7 race?

In the event of a dead heat in an ITV7 race, all horses involved in the dead heat will be classed as winners.

What happens if my horse is a non-runner?

If one or more of the horses which you have selected is a non-runner, you will be assigned the SP favourite for that race.

ITV7 Predictions

If you’re looking for ITV7 tips and predictions, take a look at our free horse racing tips page. We can’t guarantee we will provide tips for every ITV7 race but our tips may be helpful.

How do I know if I’ve won ITV7?

When you register, you will provide your email address and telephone number. If you win a prize, ITV7 will contact you to arrange collection of your winnings. ITV Seven prizes are paid directly into your bank account.

ITV 7 Results

You can find all of the official results for each ITV7 race on the official website:

Best Bookies For ITV7 Betting
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AccumulatorRefund up to £20 if one selection losesVisit

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