Best Bookmaker For Corners Betting

which are the best betting sites for cornersThere are many different football betting markets available these days. You don’t just have to pick the winner of the match any more. One of the options is to bet on corners, and many people are making a very nice profit from doing exactly that.

In this article, we’ll show you which is the best bookie for corner betting, and why.

We’ll also examine the different markets in more detail, and give you some tips and guidance on how to develop your own profitable betting strategy.

Best Bookmakers For Corner Betting: Bet365

bet365 logoOur visitors consistently rate bet365 as one of the top online betting sites around. Our reviewers agree, and one of the reasons for this is that they have more ways to bet than anyone else.

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We highly recommend them for all types of football betting, especially corners.

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How To Bet On Corners In Football

So now you know which is the best bookie for betting on corners. But how do you actually go about it? Next we’ll talk about all the different corner betting options that are available at top betting sites such as bet365. We’ll explain how these markets work, and what the different selections mean.

Total Corners

In this market you are betting on the total number of corner kicks that will be won in the whole game, by both teams. Typically, you’ll see five or six different options. For example:

  • Under 6
  • 6 to 8
  • 9 to 11
  • 12 to 14
  • Over 15

You have to be quite precise to pick the winner, but that means the odds are usually quite generous. If you can find a game where the two teams are quite consistent in terms of the number of corners they win and concede in their matches, you should be able to make a reasonably accurate prediction.


This is a simple bet with only two possible outcomes. For example, Under 10.5 or Over 10.5.

Don’t be confused by the fact that the selections end with point five. They do this to create a market with only two selections. Obviously, it’s not possible to have half a corner, but you can have less than 10.5 (i.e. 10 or less) and you can have more (i.e. 11 or more).

Because there are only two possible outcomes in this market, the odds are lower. But on the flip side, it’s much easier to pick a winning bet here.

First Half / Second Half

Similar to the total corners, but in this case you are just betting on how many corners there will be in the first half or in the second half.

This can be a useful alternative. For example, if you come across certain teams that tend to attack a lot at the start of a game, and then sit back and defend once they have a lead. In those cases, it’s reasonable to assume there will be a lot of corners in the first half, but less in the second.

Corner Match Bet

In the match bet market, you’re betting on who will win the most corners during the game. There will be three options – home, away or tie/draw.

So basically it’s just like match odds, but you’re counting corner kicks instead of goals.


Similar to the match odds market, but in this case a handicap is applied (usually to benefit the weaker side). For example in a Premier League game between Man Utd and Bournemouth, the handicap might be Man Utd -3 and Bournemouth +3. When determining the winner, you’d add 3 to Bournemouth’s total or take 3 off Man Utd’s.

What this means is, if you think Man Utd will win at least 4 more corners than Bournemouth, you’d bet on Man Utd -3. If not, you’d choose Bournemouth +3.

Team Corners

In this market, you can decide on the number of corners that each team will win in the match. It’s similar to the Over/Under market, so you’re betting on whether a team will get more than or less than a certain total.

You can choose which team you want to bet on, so for example you might say that the home side will win more than 5.5 corners. You’re not obliged to bet on the away team as well, although you can if you want.

Time Of First Corner

When in the game will the first corner be awarded? This is a simple market which usually only has two outcomes. The bookie will pick the time (for example, 10:00 minutes) and all you need to do is predict whether the first corner will be awarded before or after that time.

Corners Race

This is a very interesting market which you won’t find at too many sports betting sites. Here, you can choose which team (if any) will be the first to win a certain number of corners.

There are different options available, for example 3, 5, 7 or 9. So if you pick 3, the bet is which team will be first to win 3 corners.

You only need to choose one number, although you can bet on them all if you like. Then just pick which team will win the race to that number, or whether nobody will get there.

If you predict that one side will be putting a lot of pressure on the other early in the match, then this is a great opportunity to profit from that.

Developing A Corner Betting Strategy / System

using statisticsBetting on corners is actually quite straightforward, providing you do your research.

There are plenty of statistics which you can use to help you, most of which are available for free. If you’ve followed our recommendation and joined the top corner betting site, bet365, you’ll see they offer some statistics of their own. But there are other resources available as well.

A good place to start is the official Premier League stats section, which is updated after every match. For more in depth stats, you could also try a site such as footcharts which also has a section on corner statistics. This covers Champions League, Championship and other competitions as well.

Using this data, you can analyse each fixture in any competition and see if you can spot a good betting opportunity.

The following guidelines will help you devise your own system to pick winning bets regularly.

  • Look at the number of corners the teams concede as well as the number they win.
  • Consider the teams home and away records as well as their overall records. Sometimes the stats can be very different as teams adapt their style when playing away.
  • Don’t try to force a bet just for the sake of it, if there is no obvious selection to make. You can always move on to the next match.
  • Let the stats guide you and try to find a betting opportunity to fit what they’re telling you. Don’t pick the market first and then try to find stats to fit.

We hope that this article has been helpful. If so, please consider sharing it with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks for reading, and we wish you well with your football betting!

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