Which Bookies Take Bets On 49’s?

As well as other lotto games such as the Irish Lottery, it is now possible to play 49’s at many online bookies. But which bookies can you play 49’s at and how does 49’s actually work?

In this 49’s guide, we’ll be showing you the best bookies to play 49’s at along with how it all works. If you’d like to jump straight to a bookie which takes bets on 49’s, see the table below.

List Of Bookies Where You Can Play 49’s

The bookies below all take bets on 49’s. It’s likely that these bookies also take bets on other lottery games which is worth checking if you enjoy playing multiple games.

Odds For 3 Correct Numbers
(6 Ball Draw)
Odds For 4 Correct Numbers
(6 Ball Draw)
Bet365 49s
Betfred 49s
Paddy Power 49s
William Hill 49s
Ladbrokes 49s
Coral 49s
Boylesports 49s

Many of the bookies above also offer new customers free bets and bonuses as part of their welcome offers. These can have a lot of value and so we encourage you to view their latest welcome offers and decide whether you want to claim them. Welcome offers are usually only available on your first bet so it’s best to check what is on offer prior to placing your 49’s bets.

So, which bookie is best for 49’s lotto?

Unless you can find a bookie which is currently running 49s betting offers, it’s best to go with a bookie which is reputable and offers the best odds. Surprisingly, the odds of different 49’s bets do vary between bookies and so you may as well get the most value from your bets by betting with the bookie offering the highest odds. So, whether you opt for Bet365 49s, Betfred 49s, Ladbrokes 49s, Paddy Power 49s, Coral 49s, William Hill 49s or Boylesports 49s, be sure to get the best odds possible. In our opinion, Bet365 regularly offer the best odds on 49’s lotto and are one of our most recommended bookies.

How To Play 49’s

49’s is a lottery which takes place twice a day, every day. One draw takes place just after lunchtime at 12:49 and the other four hours later at 16:49 from October – February and at 17:49 from February to October.

To play 49’s, you select 1 to 5 numbers from the 49 numbers which are in the draw. There is a total of 7 numbers drawn, six main numbers and a bonus ball called the ‘booster.

Players have the option to either play the 6 or 7 ball draw. If you play the 7 ball draw, the bonus ball is included which increases your chances of winning. However, due to your increased chances of winnings because of the additional number which is drawn, the odds you are offered will be lower.

Unlike the UK Lotto where prizes vary, the payout for winning 49’s bets are settled at fixed odds set by the bookie so you will know exactly how much your returns will be should your numbers come in before you place your bet.

Below are some example odds of what you can expect to get at online bookies. These odds may vary between bookies and so should only be used as an example.

Matching Numbers6 Number Draw Odds7 Number Draw Odds

As you can see, if you opt to enter your numbers into the draw including the bonus ball, you will be offered lower odds due to the increased chances of winning.

There are various types of bets you can place on 49’s with online bookies with the most common being a ‘straight’ bet. With a straight bet, you simply pick one to five numbers and if all those number are drawn, your bet wins. This differs from the likes of the National Lottery where you select six numbers and win if you match just three. With 49’s, all your numbers must be drawn but you have the option to pick less numbers to increase your chances of winning.

The payouts on winning 49’s bets can be extremely large with a £1 bet returning anything up to £150,000! This is one reason why 49’s is so popular.

Different Types Of 49’s Bets

As mentioned, bookies accept various types of bets on 49’s. We have listed the most common types below.

Straight Bets: You pick a set of numbers and if they are all drawn, your bet wins and you are paid out based on your stake and the set odds.

Booster Number: You bet on which number you think the bonus ‘booster’ ball will be.

First Number: You bet on which number you think will be the first to be drawn.

Odd or Even First Number: You bet on whether the first number drawn will be odd or even.

Booster Colour: You bet on the colour of the bonus ‘booster’ ball. There are seven different colours which it can be.

Total Value: With this bet, you are betting on the combined numerical value of all of the balls drawn. You usually bet on a range such as 80-90 where if the value of all of the 6 or 7 numbers drawn fell into this range (such as 75), your bet would win.

Over/Under: You are betting on whether each of the six balls will be less than 25 (1-24) or 25 (25-49) and over.

Multiples: With multiple bets, you are able to place bets such as doubles, trebles, fourfolds and more. An example would be to pick four numbers and place a Lucky 15 bet which contains 15 separate bets – 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 four-fold. Instead of all four numbers having to be drawn for you to win, you would see a return if just one of your four numbers were drawn. The more numbers you match, the more you will win.

49’s Lottery History

The 49’s lottery dates back to 1996 when it was first launched in response to the positive start which the National Lottery had in the two years prior.

The company behind the 49’s lottery is 49s Limited which is based in London, UK and is funded by the subscription fees which the Sports Information Service (SIS) receives for their television services in bookmaker shops.

49’s Lotto FAQ

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the 49s Lotto.

What Time Is The 49’s Lotto Drawn?

The 49’s is drawn twice a day at 12:49 & 16:49 from October – February and at 12:49 & 17:49 from February to October.

Where To Watch The 49’s Lotto Live

49’s draw are shown live in land-based bookmaker shops. However, some bookies also stream the 49s draw live on their websites which is available to be viewed by logged in customers.

What Time Does The 49’s Close For Betting?

You can bet on the 49’s draw right up until the scheduled start time.

Where Can You Bet on The 49’s Lottery?

You can bet on 49’s either in a bookmaker shop or via the Internet with an online bookie.

What Are The Odds Of Winning The 49’s

There are various types of bets you can place on the 49’s lottery and the odds may vary between bookies. Unlike with some other lotteries, the odds for each bet you place on 49’s are set and so you will know how much your returns will be should your bet win before your place your bet.

As the bookies need to have an edge on each bet they take, the odds which you are offered on a 49’s bet will be lower than the actual probability of those numbers being drawn. However, this is the case with all lotteries and they’re still an attractive bet due to the potential to win huge amounts from small stakes.

49’s Results

Below you can find the latest 49’s results. With two draws taking place each day, these results will update frequently. However, you can view the 49’s results today and 49’s previous results right here on this page.

Today’s 49’s lotto results are:

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