Can You Bet On The UK Lottery With Bookmakers?

Several bookmakers offer fixed-odds betting on a range of lotteries taking place around the world. Lotteries such as the Irish Lotto, DailyMillions, 49’s, Spanish Lotto, New York Lotto and many more can all be bet on via bookies such as Bet365, Betfred and Paddy Power. But what about the UK Lottery? Can you bet on the UK National Lottery with bookies?

In 2017, UK bookies were banned from taking bets on the UK National Lottery and the Euromillions due to not contributing to the good causes which standard ticket sales for these lotteries do. However, this only applies to UK bookmakers and so you may wish to look to an Irish bookie is you wish to place these bets.

Currently, the only bookie to offer fixed-odds betting on the UK National Lottery is Boylesports. Thankfully, Boylesports are a great choice for all of your betting needs and fully recommended by us here at WhichBookie.

At Boylesports, you’re not just able to bet on the UK Lottery and the Euromillions. You can also bet on the Irish Lottery, DailyMillions, Lucky Stars, as well as the Australian, French, Polish, German, Canadian and New York Lottos.

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How To Play The UK Lottery

There are 59 numbers in the UK lottery with 6 and a bonus ball being drawn.

There are two ways to play the UK Lottery.

  1. Buy a line
  2. Bet with fixed-odds with a bookie

If you’ve bought a UK Lottery ticket before, then you will have purchased a line. You pick 6 numbers and the more you match, the more you win.

When betting on the UK Lottery with a bookmaker, you don’t have to pick 6 numbers. Instead, you select 1-5 numbers and all of your numbers have to be drawn for you to win.

You can purchase standard lines for the UK Lottery with the Lottomart.

If you wish to bet on the National Lottery with a bookmaker, then Boylesports is the place to go and we have listed the odds which you are offered below depending on the number of balls you bet on.

Matching Numbers6 Number Draw Odds7 Number Draw Odds
Bet With Boylesports

The table above shows the odds for the 6 and 7 ball draw options. When you bet on the UK lotto with a bookie, you have the option of either. If you opt to bet on the 6 ball draw, your numbers much match the numbers included in the main 6 ball draw. If you choose to bet on the 7 ball draw, then the bonus ball is included. Betting with the bonus ball gives you an extra chance to hit one of your numbers. This is reflected in the odds which are offered as they are lower than betting on the 6 ball draw.

Click below to bet on the UK Lottery at Boylesports

What Time Is The UK Lottery?

The UK Lottery takes place twice a week on a Wednesday and a Saturday. Both draws are at 8.30pm.

Can You Bet On The UK Lottery With Bookmakers?

Yes, but not UK bookmakers. You can get fixed-odds for UK National Lotto bets when betting with Boylesports.

How Much Can You Win On The UK Lottery?

That depends on whether you are betting with a bookmaker or buying a standard lotto ticket. With Boylesports, the greatest payout is 300,000/1 which you can get by matching 5 numbers. If you are buying a standard UK Lotto ticket, the prizes vary with the jackpot often being several millions of pounds.

Why Bet On The UK Lotto With A Bookie?

Many prefer to bet on lotteries such as the UK Lotto with bookmakers as there is a greater chance of winning a prize. For example, when betting with a bookie, you can select just one number and win your bet if that number matches any of the 7 balls which are drawn.

Top Rated Bookmakers

Betfair ★★★★★
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Betfred ★★★★★
Paddy Power ★★★★☆
Betiton ★★★★★
William Hill ★★★★☆
888Sport ★★★★★
Boylesports ★★★★★
Sportingbet ★★★★☆
BetVictor ★★★★★

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