Sky Lotto

The Sky brand has a number of betting products. Sky Bet is for sports betting, Sky Casino for casino games and then there are Sky Poker, Sky Vegas, Sky Bingo and finally, Sky Lotto, which is what we will be taking a look at in this article.

What Is Sky Lotto?

Sky Lotto is host to two free lottery games where players can win up to either £25,000 or £250,000.

Despite the name, Sky Lotto is not an actual lottery. It’s a free-to-play prize draw which works in a similar way to a lottery draw.

Sky Lotto Daily Draw

sky lotto daily draw

The first of the two games is a daily draw.

Players can enter for free by selecting 6 numbers or a Lucky Dip from a choice of 49 numbers.

Entries close at 7.45pm each day with the results being available on the Sky Lotto website at 8pm.

The jackpot prize for matching all six numbers in this game is £25,000.

Sky Lotto Weekly Draw

sky lotto weekly draw

The second of the free lotto games is the Sky Lotto weekly draw.

This draw takes place each Friday with the game working in the same way as the daily draw and entries again closing at 7.45pm and results announced at 8pm.

The difference with the weekly draw is that the jackpot prize for matching all six numbers is boosted to £250,000!

With the Sky Lotto weekly draw, players can also opt to boost the jackpot prize to a whopping £1.25 million for the cost of 50p.

How To Play Sky Lotto

To play the free Sky Lotto game, you need to have an account with any of the Sky products such as Sky Bet, Sky Casino, Sky Vegas etc.

Simply log into your account at and select either the daily draw or the weekly draw.

You’ll then be asked to pick six numbers or select the Lucky Dip option.

If you are playing the weekly draw and wish to boost the jackpot prize from £250k to 1.25m, check the box to do so and make sure you have a balance of at least 50p in your account for the payment.

Once you have selected your numbers, click on the ‘Enter’ button and your entry will be submitted.

You can check back from 8pm onwards to see if you have won a prize.

Sky Lotto Prizes

There are several prizes up for grabs in each free Sky Lotto draw. Players only need to match one ball to win a prize which means that the odds of winning something is not much more than evens.

A full list of prizes is shown below for both the daily and the weekly prize draws.

Balls MatchedOdds Of WinningSky Lotto Daily DrawSky Lotto Weekly Draw
11 in 2.421x £0.10 Scratchcard1x £0.10 Scratchcard
1 + Bonus Ball2x £0.10 Scratchcard2x £0.10 Scratchcard
21 in 7.552x £0.10 Scratchcard2x £0.10 Scratchcard
2 + Bonus Ball5x £0.10 Scratchcard5x £0.10 Scratchcard
31 in 56.661x £1 Scratchcard1x £1 Scratchcard
3 + Bonus Ball1x £1 Scratchcard2x £2.50 Scratchcard
41 in 1,0324x £2.50 Scratchcard£10 Cash
4 + Bonus Ball£100 Cash£25 Cash
51 in 54,200£200 Cash£1,000 Cash
5 + Bonus Ball£2,500 Cash£5,000 Cash
61 in 13,983,816£250,000 Cash£250,000 Cash
6 Numbers Boosted n/a£1,250,000 Cash

Super Lotto Boost

As mentioned earlier, for the weekly draw, players can opt to pay 50p to boost the jackpot prize. The standard jackpot prize for free entries is £250,000 but if you select the Super Boost option and pay 50p entry fee, the jackpot is boosted by an additional £1 million.

Should more than one player match all six numbers, the £250,000 prize is shared amongst them. However, if you boosted the prize, the £1m is yours to keep.

It’s worth noting that by selecting the Super Boost, only the jackpot prize for matching all six numbers is boosted. The prizes for matching less than six numbers remain the same and so there is a relatively small chance of seeing a return. However, an additional £1 million is an attractive option for many players.

Sky Lotto Results

The Sky Lotto results are published on each day for the daily draw and on a Friday for the weekly draw. Simply head to the Sky Lotto website from 8pm onwards to view the latest Sky Lotto results.

Other Sky Lotteries

You can’t bet on other lotteries at Sky Lotto, which is dedicated to the two free-to-play lottery games as well as a number of online scratchcards. However, you can bet on a number of lotteries through Sky Bet. Thankfully, if you have registered at SkyLotto, you will be able to also place bets on Sky Bet.

Lotto options on Sky Bet can be found by clicking on ‘Lotto’ in the list of sports. From here, you can bet on a number of lotteries such as the Irish Lotto, Canadian Lotto, 49s Lotto, German Lotto, New York Lotto and others.

It would make more sense to have these options in the Sky Lotto section but as long as you know where to find them, it’s an easy process.

Head to Sky Lotto today to play their two free lotto games and to be in with a chance to win up to £250,000!

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